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How To FIX Google Play Games Can't Connect And Switch Account 24 Feb 2016

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 Today we get nice Update From Google Play Games. Now we can Custom Gamer ID. and Many More Fix. But some Player Cannot Login and Switch The Account if have multiple Account in Android Device. We give you tutorial how to fix Google Play Games Error on New Update 24 february 2016.

Google Feature :

What's New

- Bug fixes and other improvements
 Custom Gamer IDs now rolling out to Google Play Games
Last month Google announced that the way gamers sign in to Google Play Games would soon be changing, and it looks like that day has finally come. The company has just released a blog post explaining that Play Games will no longer require you to sign up with a Google+ account. Instead, gamers will be able to sign up with a newly-created Gamer ID, which can be customized with a Gamer Picture of your choosing.

Google says that for new users signing into their first Play Games integrated game and existing users signing into a new Play Games integrated game, you’ll create a unique Gamer ID and select one of 40+ avatars for your Gamer Picture. Just like current Google Play Games accounts, you can choose to make your gaming activity public or private, and decide if other gamers can associate your Gamer ID with your email address or real name.

    Google is making it easier and faster to start playing new games, too

And just as expected, Google is also making it easier (and much faster) to start playing new games. Now you won’t need to wait for the slow Play Games prompt to load up each time you start a new game, thanks to the new auto sign-in functionality. With auto sign-in, you’ll only be prompted to sign-in once per account, not once per game. You’ll also automatically be signed in to future games.

These new changes will be rolling out in the next few weeks, so you might need to wait a little while before you can sign up for your Gamer ID. Will you be signing up for a Gamer ID? What are your thoughts on Google ditching the Google+ requirement? Let us know what you think in the comments!

Google Play Games Now Feature Gamer ID: You No Longer Have To Sign In With Google+

Got your Google Gamer ID yet? If not, hurry up and secure your unique handle before someone else thinks of "d00dGam3r" and takes it.

With the coming of Google Gamer IDs, the end of Google+ also draws nearer because Google's failed social network will now no longer be necessary to sign in to Google Play Games.

The breakup between the two services indicates that Google is distancing its offerings from Google+. It's not the first service to do so either. YouTube ended the requirement to have a Google+ profile to comment on YouTube videos and Google Photo never even launched with it.

Continuing the trend, this latest Google Play Games update allows gamers to sign in easier and faster into all their favorite games at one time. That means the end of individual sign-ins and the hassle of allowing or denying permissions for each one. Plus, just like YouTube, players can separate their real identity from their gamer identities because they won't have to use their real names anymore on the Play Games.

"If you're like me or many other gamers out there, you love the feeling of escape that comes with playing games. Immersed in a gaming world without any distractions, I can simply focus on one thing: winning. In this alternate world, I'm not Ben, product manager at Google. I'm Caldorf, destroyer of enemy bases; slayer of zombies," says Benjamin Frenkel, a product manager at Google Play Games, announcing the changes over Android's official blog.

The feature will roll out to Google Play Games "over the next few weeks." Along with the ability to choose one's own gamer handle, there are also over 40 avatar images to associate with a single Gamer ID - everything from a viking to a pirate to a ninja and many others in between.

Users can test it out now to ensure their personal gaming persona doesn't get taken. When playing a game that does support Play Games, users will be prompted to create a Gamer ID. More games should be supported shortly, especially since Google says game developers won't have to make any changes at all to their games.
How To FIX Cannot Login and Change Account Clash Of Clans on New Update Google Play Games here the tutorials Full :
Solution :
Remain calm. Your Clash of Clans data is probably still on your hard-drive. You may have to eat those lost trophies, but hey, them’s the breaks. Join the crowd: plenty of people have been crowing about issues with Google Play on forums and in Play Store reviews.
This writer, in fact, suffered through several weeks with achievements going unrecorded. Finally I dug around in my applications, did some internet research, and viola, problem solved. Now I can share my game save data between my tablet and phone again.
All Google Play problems are not created equal, but you can try these simple fixes before giving up and resetting to factory defaults (which we can tell you how to do as well). The Android ecosystem is large, and since we here at DT don’t know your exact device and OS version, proceed at your own risk.

Clear Your Cache
That’s step number one. The cache is designed as a time-saving measure to preserve data those applications will use every time you tap them. This often won’t work, but it’s an easy first step, and there’s a chance this can fix the problem, or at least help you figure out which app is the offender.

Go into Settings > Apps. Google Play Games and Services are both there among your other apps. Wait for them to populate, then hit clear cache. Try Games first, then check to see if the problem is solved. If not, try clearing the Services cache next.  Log in to Google Play Games again. If it’s still not working, it’s time to move on to the next fix.

Check Google Play Services

Google Play Services is one of the few apps that you can’t remove. It runs in the background of a lot of other processes, and in this case is required for Google Play Games to run. The list of complaints in the review section of Play Services’ Google Play Store page is more than 800,000 strong. Many people resent the existence of this app on their phones, seeing it as huge, irremovable bloatware. Yet, arguing against its existence is like shaking your fist at the sky for being blue.

Clear Data

On your phone, in Settings > Apps > Google Play Services, you can try clearing the data and uninstalling the Play Services updates. Do the same for Google Play Games.

Match Google Play Services to Your Android OS Version

If clearing the data and updates didn’t solve the problem, go ahead and check the Google Play Services version number. If you are running Lollipop, you will find it in parenthesis next to the main version number under App Info. If you’re not on Lollipop, you have to look the number up online. The idea is to correlate the version number of this app with your Android operating system version.

The last three digits of the Play Services version number (in parentheses) tell you the Android operating system, the CPU, and the DPI for which it was built. You can find your Android OS version in Settings under “About Phone.”

Check APKMirror, a website started by Android Police where you can find different app versions and this handy explanation of how to figure out which download of Services is right for you.

The last 3 numbers in the parentheses equal XYZ:

* X defines Android version:

    0 for Android <5.0
    4 and 7 for Android >=5.0
    8 for Android TV

* Y defines CPU architecture:

    1 for armeabi
    3 for armeabi-v7a
    4 for arm64-v8a
    7 for x86

* Z defines DPI:

    0 for universal
    2 for 160
    4 for 240
    6 for 320
    8 for 480

For example: Lollipop is Android OS version 5.0 and up, so in that case you need a version of Play Services where the third to last number is 4 or 7. You may have to dig a little for the CPU architecture; my Galaxy S5 uses a Krait 400 (an ARM version 7 compatible CPU). As for the last digit (Z), my screen has 432 pixels per inch. All that together means I needed Google Play Services version ending in 438. The complete Google Play Services version number that I needed was 7.5.74 (1997312-438).

Definitely use an antivirus program to check any file before you download it. Check Google Play Games again after you’ve installed the “new” or matching version. If it’s working, congratulations and game on.

Last resort

Still not working? Sorry! Better luck next time. The last suggestion here is the good ol’ soft reset to factory defaults. Save your data to an external card so you can see which app is doing the damage as you reload them. You should find all of the options you need for backing up your data and resetting the phone appropriately under Settings > General > Backup and reset. In case the problem is caused by a fundamental phone application that can’t be removed (like Google Play Services), take your updates one at a time.

Anyone want to comment with some better ideas other than the final resort of a factory reset?

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