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Everything About The December Update in Clash of Clans - CheatCOCC

Everything About The December Update in Clash of Clans - CheatCOCC

How crazy have the last two weeks been?! We never had two weeks of Sneak Peeks and that many changes and new stuff getting introduced in Clash of Clans and finally the marathon is over with the release of the Clash of Clans December 2015 Update on December 10th! Below you find the ticker for the update that will keep you updated on everything that happens. If you haven’t been visiting daily to keep up with the new update features, I have attached below the official Release Notes plus all posts on the changes and new things that we will be able to check out in a couple of hours.

December 10th Update Release Ticker

Check back here to see the current status of the Clash of Clans December Update I will update as soon anything new happens. I don’t expect that the maintenance break and everything will go by as fast as we know from the previous updates, simply because there are so many things that get installed and migrated

Update Ticker:

Dec-07 (05:33 PM): End of Sneak Peeks and estimated release date published:

Dec-08 (07:49 PM): Here’s a beautiful video of full TH11 attacks that give us an excellent idea how attacking will work in the future on high bases. Supercell already announced they like the multi-wave attacks with a kill squad – and you see it very clearly how you will need to use this:

Seems like the days of mass spamming a single troop are over for good.

December 2015 Update Release Notes & Feature Overview

We have two different main features that the Update contains, besides additional small changes, which are the introduction of the new Town Hall 11 and also what Supercell calls the biggest game-changer in the history of Clash of Clans: the full shield mode gets changed.

Shield Mode changes

80% of all attacks done in Clash of Clans are Town Hall snipes – this means that 80% of all loot inside the Clash of Clans ecosystem is not showing up. Of course, we have loot problems and Supercell wants to change that with some huge changes to the whole shielding system. Read these posts to get up to date:

The first Sneak Peek of the upcoming 14 ones is out. After I luckily got ma hands on an accidentally released screenshot of the coming Dark Barracks level 7 earlier I’m proud to present you know the first real and official Sneak Peek. It’s about shields and how Supercell is going to change them.

No More Town Hall Sniping & Attacking While Shielded

The headline gives you the essential, but please follow my post to the end to get all the new changes. In advance let me tell you this is really starting to change the game already.

All Farming Base Layouts With Exposed Town Halls will get useless!

I was actually expecting something in this direction, now it’s official. Shields are not getting activated based on the stars won, they get active related to the damage done. Obviously a sniped Town Hall will not grant enough destruction to hide behind a cheap shield anymore. Read this out of the official announcement:
  • A 12-hour shield is granted at 30% destruction
  • A 14-hour shield is granted at 60% destruction
  • A 16-hour shield is granted at 90% destruction
  • However, NO SHIELD is granted if the attacker does not deploy at least 50% of a full army
Sound reasonable to me, but here’s the big change: It will be possible to attack without breaking your shield anymore! That’s right, but it will remove a bit of the remaining shield time. This is actually pretty nice because you don’t have to constantly break your shield all the time. I’m not sure how this will perform compared to the cheap shields you now get for the exposed Town Hall – we’ll see:

  • Executing a multiplayer or revenge attack while shielded will deduct 3 hours from the remaining shield time
  • Additional attacks while shielded will deduct increasing amounts of shield (4 hours, 5 hours, etc…)
time cost of shield when attacking attacking time costs
Here comes the nice news about it – hitting the attack button will not remove existing shield time until you deploy troops. This means you can simply search through bases and only invest shield time in case you find a base worth an attack.
Regarding the early draft post I published two days ago, this should have been tomorrow’s post. Maybe Supercell switched around a little bit to not have the final schedule out there :) simple smile Check it out here (could be real, but also a fake):

The second part of the changes regarding the behaviour during attacks and defenses got released and covers Personal Breaks and the Village Guard. What’s that exactly? The good description is that the game wants to adapt and support our daily schedules better. Most of us have quite fixed schedules every day with also fixed timeframes to enjoy our favourite mobile game – and this is how Supercell want to support us.

What is the Village Guard?

That’s the big question after we heard about it in one of Supercells forum posts – the problem: nobody knew exactly what the Village Guard exactly is? Village Guard is a new, short-term way to prevent attacks on your village while your shield is down.
In the first second, I was asking myself – why do I need an extra shield when my shield expires?! Let’s have a look at Supercell’s explanation:
  • While Village Guard is active, your village acts as if you are online, even if you close the game or get disconnected
  • Players can freely attack through Village Guard with no penalty
  • Free Village Guard time activates automatically when shields expire, from 15 minutes to 3 hours long based on League
  • 2 hours of extra Village Guard can be bought for 10 gems every day in the shop when your shield is down (23-hour cooldown)
  • Active Village Guard can be dismissed at any time
  • Buying a Shield from the Shop will dismiss active Village Guard
So how is this helping? With the introduced changes to shields yesterday we now will get a great way to time our shields. You know how much you get deducted for an attack and can make your during-the-day-fast-attacks and leave your shield so it will cover your base until you’re home and make a reasonable session. Trains get late or dinner might just take a little longer, so the Village Guard got your back and you don’t have to go online in the very exact minute.
village guard in Clash of Clans village guard
The best thing for me is that the free Village Guard we all going to have after the update – simply because we all get attacked and the shields expire sooner or later – is that we always have some spare minutes left if we get disconnected or simply have to take our devices out of our hands. I know tons of situations when I put my phone in my pocket without locking the display because I didn’t want to go offline and see that somebody attacked me – just because I had someone talking at me. Not the re-invention of the wheel but definitely a nice addition.village guard activation timer village guard timer
The only thing I dislike a little bit is that it’s possible to buy 2 hours extra Village Guard every day with Gems. I think it would have been better to have this as a gameplay logic same for everyone. Anyway, we’re not forced to buy it.

Changes in Personal Breaks

Personal Breaks have been introduced after some “smart” Clashers found out that you can’t be attacked when you’re online all the time and simply used different ways to keep online forever (let’s not discuss the fact that this damages the device a lot). However, Supercell introduced personal breaks that simply kicks players off when they’ve been online for several hours.
personal breaks take a break
Together with the changes to the shielding system it gets more obvious what Supercell approaches to do with these changes: make people attack and defend often and actively. Here are the changes that we will see regarding our online time in Clash of Clans:
  • A player is forced offline for 6 minutes after 3 hours of cumulative online time (or Village Guard time) without shield
  • This Personal Break 3-hour limit is only reset after getting a shield, or in some special cases covered below
  • Buying the 2-hour Village Guard from the Shop will extend a player’s current Personal Break 3-hour limit by 2 hours
  • The Personal Break 3-hour limit for online players is paused during server maintenance, but not reset

I’m not sure if those new rules make me that happy. I understand (and actually like the idea) to make everyone attack and defend more – BUT only if the other changes will improve the defending behaviour. In higher Leagues, it’s almost impossible to defend properly.
Also, why is it possible to extend the online time with Gems (by buying 2 hours extra Village Guard)? The great thing about Clash of Clans has always been that every player has gotten the same game and the same rights. The only thing you could buy with Gems was having a faster progress (simply said, buy yourself time). Now with this particular rule I could get myself an advantage for a couple of Gems. Hope to see a fast change for that.

Competitive Fair Play and the Mercy Rule

Now there are some more changes made, along with the Village Guard and the Personal Break changes.
  • Champion I-League players and below get a free 15-minute Village Guard when their shield expires
  • Titan III League players get a free 1-hour Village Guard when their shield expires
  • Titan II League players get a free 2-hour Village Guard when their shield expires
  • Titan I and Legend League players get a free 3-hour Village Guard when their shield expires

This means that Titan I+ player will have their whole personal break time covered by a Village Guard. I assume that Supercell wants finally more player in the direction of the Legend League, which is right now only reachable for the very hardest hardcore gamer.
Also, after having defended an attacker that did not grant you a shield you will now get a Village Guard activation of 15 minutes. Supercell says it’s for re-arming the Traps, so make sure to have Push Notification activated.

After the last two Sneak Peeks really started off big and gave all of use either a good or a very angry feeling we’re having the 3rd Sneak Peek here. We’re still facing changes in our everyday raiding and defending behaviour and after now shields in attacking and defending got covered, we now talk about loot. Here are the last 2 Sneak Peeks:

Town Hall holds more loot

Right now the Town Hall is, except the fact it rewards the League Bonus, not a very interesting target when attacking for loot. It only holds 1,000 Gold and Elixir. But this is going to change in the December 2015 Update!
  • Available loot is now distributed to the Town Hall as well as storages (maximum loot is unchanged)
  • Town Halls contain a share of loot equal to one Gold Storage, one Elixir Storage and 1/4 Dark Elixir storage
  • The Town Hall is now looted only when it is completely destroyed by an attacker
  • Town Hall Gold, Elixir and Dark Elixir storage increases by Town Hall Level
  • The Town Hall and Clan Castle now count as resource buildings, so Goblins can target them for double damage

For me, it looks that Supercell really wants to prevent exposed Town Halls in the future. There’ve been first ideas that new farming base layouts simply have the “garbage” buildings and Town Hall outside so the attacker activates a 30% cheap shield. Probably Supercell saw that coming and cut that right from the beginning by storing a lot of your loot inside the Town Hall!

Town hall holds loot december update town hall new loot calculationLeague Bonus increase

The League Bonus now gets “significantly”:
  • All League Bonuses have been significantly increased
  • League Bonus loot is now progressive from 0% to 100%, based on destruction percentage of a victorious attack
  • 100% League Bonus is earned at 70% destruction

A couple of hours ago I told in the comments I hope that the League Bonus will not scale with the destruction. Here it is. Going for full destruction (70%, but that is going for the 3 Stars IMO) now gets the main goal.

league bonus scale sneak peek december update new league bonuses december updatefull-league-bonus-december-update-sneak-peek full league bonus december update sneak peek

Trophy Changes

Even more changes! These are really necessary, if you’re pushing trophies you know what I mean:
  • Trophy offers of defenders with fewer Trophies now increase based on total Trophy count
  • Trophy offers of defenders with more Trophies now decrease based on total Trophy count

Matchmaking Changes

Also, we will see some changes in the general multiplayer matchmaking and loot calculation:
  • Available loot percentage on Town Hall levels 6 through 10 has been slightly increased
  • Multiplayer targets one Town Hall level lower are now worth slightly less loot to attackers
  • Multiplayer matchmaking is now less likely to offer targets at a 2-level Town Hall difference (only below Champion League)
Hard to tell if this makes such a big difference when all those other changes get activated. The last one is for me the most important here.

Stop the high Leagues frustration

The higher you get in Leagues the sooner you get to a point that spends a lot of frustration – the point where your attacks will reward only a few trophies, but your lost defenses remove 20-50 times as much of them. This is one major fact that led those Clashers to play huge sessions because logging off suddenly rewards a trophy deduction that is only covered by lots of attacks.
mon trophy offer league trophy offer
As you can see here the min trophies that you get offered are higher, especially in the higher Leagues.

 These announcements have started a huge conflict in the community, and I’m very excited to see them working in the game – and, of course, I hope that my excitement about those changes will get met and not disappointed:

The new Hero – Grand Warden

Everyone upgrading to Town Hall 11 will also be able to get the new and TH11 exclusive Hero – the Grand Warden who will support your attacks and defenses next to the Archer Queen and the Barbarian King:

New Wizard Hero – Grand Warden – in December 2015 Update

Today’s Sneak Peek finally revealed something big – we already knew that there will be a new Hero in the December 2015 Update after the announcement on ClashCon end of October, but nobody knew something else than that. That’s all we knew so far:
TH11 new Hero new th11 hero clash con

The Grand Warden is the new Hero

Finally, we know how he will look like and also lots of other details. Today’s Sneak Peek only showed details on the attacking side of the new Hero, and I assume we will see the defensive part tomorrow. Let’s start with the info we got today.

Grand Warden Details

The new Hero is, like previously already said, only available after you upgraded your Town Hall to Level 11 and you only need regular Elixir to buy and upgrade him – otherwise we would have had a big problem because the Dark Elixir is already short on your other 2 Heroes.
grand warden th11 new hero december 2015 grand warden new hero
The max level he can reach for now is Level 20, and you can toggle between air and ground mode. More on that later, but important thing first: you can use him either as a ground or as air troop.
grand warden toggle between air and ground mode grand warden air ground mode
In air mode you can also see him fly, of course then he will behave like an air troop and also fly over Walls like any other air troop and only get attacked by Air Defenses but not from Cannons.
grand warden air mode grand warden air mode

Grand Warden stats

Have a look a the stats we will see on a fully maxed Grand Warden Level 20:
grand warden stats grand warden stats
You can see that the hit points are very low compared to other troops and the other Heroes, but the real power is the Grand Wardens’ abilities – yes, you read it right, he has two abilities:
  1. Life Aura as a passive ability
  2. Eternal Tome as an active ability
Ok. Lots of new facts, but have a look at both of the abilities.

Grand Warden Life Aura

The Life Aura is passive and active as long the Grand Warden is on the battlefield. You can see it because of the orange circle around him:
grand warden ability life aura grand warden life aura
The Life Aura will give all troops inside the circle will get extra health. This health is a percentage extra for the troop and makes it survive longer on the battlefield – if the troops moved out of the area where the Life Aura is active or the Grand Warden dies, the buff is removed.

Grand Warden ability – Eternal Tome

The active ability, the counterpart of the Archer Queen’s Royal Cloak or the Barbarian King’s Iron Fist is called the Grand Warden Eternal Tome. You can activate it like the other abilities and it will make all troops within a certain range invincible for all damage or debuffing effects (Inferno Tower removed healing effects)
grand warden ability eternal tome grand warden eternal tome
He will give us lots of new possibilities to use – just to name one – Hog Riders against higher bases with multi-target Inferno Towers.
The troops can be healed and the invincible effect is also affecting himself – the only thing your troops have to be afraid of are Spring Traps.

Grand Warden AI

Hero AI is something we can sing a sad song about. The Grand Warden will have two different aspects you have to know to properly use him:
  1. Tries to follow the troops with the largest amount of hitpoints (great, no extra confused Hero we have to take care about with funneling)
  2. Can be switched between ground and air mode and behaves like a ground and air troop. This has to be done BEFORE the attack on his altar

I admit today’s Sneak Peek is not that much of a surprise, at least after yesterday’s Sneak Peek revealing the new TH11 exclusive Hero, the Grand Warden on offense. Today we see the defensive skills of the Grand Warden and one thing was already clear yesterday – he is turning into a statue:grand warden stats grand warden stats

The Grand Warden’s Defense

The Grand Warden is not simply defending like the Archer Queen or the Barbarian King – he is dealing damage plus buffing all Heroes, Clan Castle Troops and Skeleton Traps with his passive extra health buff.
When an attack starts he will turn into a statue, because otherwise the buff would be applied and taken away from defending Heroes and troops all the time while he would move around.
Here you can see him walk around in the base:grand warden defending a base image
And suddenly he is completely static:grand warden statue image1
Bottom line an excellent addition but not game changing from the perspective of the attacker. You will face buffed troops and Heroes when the Grand Warden is active in a base and defending.grand warden versus golem image2 

Town Hall 11

Here are new things that we will see with TH11:

New TH11 look, Wizard Tower Lvl 9, Storages Lvl 12 etc. Sneak Peeks

Now the Sneak Peeks don’t hold back and even there are new building levels introduced there’s something in today’s Sneak Peek I find even more interesting – a new look for Town Hall 11! What?! Yes, it got announced a little more than 1 month ago and we even now get a new look. Also, new Wizard Tower level, Storages get a new level and also the Lab.

New Town Hall 11 Looking

I think all of us remember the look when Town Hall 11 got announced on ClashCon, let me help you remember with this screenshot:
TH11 in Clash of Clans Town Hall 11 ClashCon
Many Clashers thought this is not fitting that well into the theme – I personally liked it very much. However, forget that picture above, we will never see the TH11 look that way. Today’s Sneak Peeks features the final and official look of the new Town Hall 11 released in December 2015:
new TH11 look december 2015 new town hall 11 look december 2015
Come on, this now looks simply amazing! Also, I don’t remember any building in Clash of Clans with that many details. I’m stunned. I hope you like it, too?!

Wizard Tower Level 9, Storages Level 12 & Laboratory Level 9

A new Town Hall Level also makes new upgrade level for buildings and defenses possible. TH11 is not making any difference and we will definitely get a new Wizard Tower level, Laboratory level (maybe that will give us a hint for a new troop and spell?!) and also the Storages grow, of course:
new buildings sneak peek december update th11 new th11 buildings december 2015 sneak peeks
Want a better comparison to the former levels? Not problem! Here’s the Wizard Tower Level 9 and lower:
Wizard Tower level 9 wizard tower level 9 looking december sneak peek
and also the Gold and Elixir Storages Level 12:
Gold Storages Level 12 gold storage level 12 looking december sneak peek Elixir Storages level 12 elixir storage level 12 looking december sneak peek
I personally see them evolving together with the look and feel of Town Hall 11. Personally I hoped for a more red glowing Wizard Tower :) simple smile The new Storages will hold a total resource capacity of 10 million on Town Hall 11, so we don’t have to expect any new Storages and the max number will be 4 of each kind.
The new Lab Level 9, where hopefully our potential new Dark Spell and Dark Troop can be improved will look like this:
Lab level 9 laboratory level 9
Of course, also fitting the new Town Hall 11 theme.

Head in the clouds

Also an additional gameplay improvement for those at home in the very high trophy area. When searching new bases to attack there will be a sound notification when you’re in the clouds when either a new base is found or you have to restart searching:
searching clouds coc clouds searching clash of clans
Now you can simply put your device to the side and enjoy other things than staring straight to the clouds all the time – a sound notification will let you know when your action is required :) simple smile


Witch Level 3 PLUS reduced nexting costs TH10


The first part of this week was pretty defense-heavy and after yesterday’s announcement of the Minions Level 7, we see today the new TH11 exclusive Witch Level 3.
witch level 3 ingame attacking base witch level 3 sneak peekThe Witch at Level 3 will be able to spawn up to 10 Skeletons at a time and 5 Skeletons at once and support attacks even more. This is probably the best way to face the additional and stronger Wizard Tower after the update.
witch look level 3 sneak peek level 3 witchIn theory, we have a very interesting situation with the new Witch level 3. The 5 Skeletons would be able to distract a Multi-Target Inferno Tower completely and be a great distraction. I think this could bring even more power to the GoWiWi strategy, but without having seen all of it, it’s almost impossible to tell

Reduced Nexting Costs Town Hall 10

The most Gold every TH10 player spend is not the expensive upgrades, it’s nexting before you find a base you really attack. With 1,000 Gold, each time hitting that button and sometimes an average of 30 – 50 nexting until a good base shows up you can assume what total costs you pay every day.
time cost of shield when attacking attacking time costsThese 1,000 Gold for TH10 will be a thing of the past and get reduced in the December Update. The final number is not announced yet, but I assume something around 850 Gold, saving each TH10 player 15% of the most spend costs. It’s very likely that TH11 will get nexting costs of 1,000 Gold, however, I’ve seen footage showing 1,250 Gold for the Town Hall 11 somewhere in the ClashCon material. No matter, that same footage showed us a TH11 design that just got changed a few days ago.

New Air Sweeper Level?

In the gaming footage, the is also something weird with the Air Sweepers. Maybe it’s because they are from a developer built, but something’s different:
air sweeper level 7 air sweeper level 7
Could this maybe be a new Air Sweeper level? The whole Air Sweeper looks the same, but with the missing “airbag” below it. What do you think? :) simple smile

December 2015 Update Release & Remaining Sneak Peeks

2 weeks of Sneak Peeks, that’s what Supercell told us and by very strict math we have exactly 3 ones left – but that would mean that the update will happen on Monday, December 7th. I personally don’t see an update happen on Monday so I think it will happen more like Wednesday or Thursday next week.
Also, Galadon told in his yesterday video about the Minion Level 7 that we have “at least 1 week of Sneak Peeks left” – and he’s the one getting confidential Supercell information. I finally want to see the big new stuff already, new Hero and also some information about the new eagle-thing Defense.

Minions Level 7 & Reduced Gem Cost Sneak Peek

The Laboratory Level 9 is announced and also some additional Defenses, but what can attackers do against these new defensive strengths? It was obvious that there will be additional troop level or maybe even new troop. The first one got announced today and it’s the Minion Level 7.
PS: Sorry for the small delay, I was stuck in traffic without a working internet connection :/

Minion Level 7 Sneak Peek

Minions are a great addition in many attacking compositions and with the new level they get an even cooler look:
minion level 7 look minion level 7 look attack
Looking good, right? I’m sure more attacking power get announced in the next few days and the Minion Level 7 is not the only new upgrade we will be able to make in the new Laboratory Level 9
Unfortunately, I’m not able to present you the final stats of the new Minions, but don’t expect anything crazy here. I think it will be about 10% more DPS and HP.

Reduced Boosting Costs

I know some say Supercell is greedy and the pure evil, so I’m aware that introducing Gem changes will always be a controversial topic. Right now we have to invest 10 Gems to boost Heroes, Barracks or Spell Factories for 2 hours
lower gem cost boost gem boost cost reduce
In the December Update, this will get reduced to 5 Gems, but it will only last for 1 hour. The costs bottom line stay the same, but the changes will make faster gaming session more possible and 5 Gems is something everybody can invest from the daily tree and bush removing. I personally see this as an improvement, because playing 1 hour is better possible than just making a 2 hour boosted session.
I would personally like to see that we can pause the boost ourselves and resume it whenever we want to. Unfortunately, I don’t think something like this will get introduced very soon.

Additional Defenses and Freeze Spell for TH9 Sneak Peek

 Yesterday’s Sneak Peek was huge with the new levels and also the finalized looking of Town Hall 11 – today’s Sneak Peek will introduce new structures for Town Hall 11 and also a great game-changer for TH9s. Now we understand why the village space gets larger

Additional Defenses TH11

When upgrading to TH11 you will also get additional Defenses – an extra Archer Tower, Cannon, Wizard Tower and X-Bow.
additional defenses for Town hall 11 sneal peek Town Hall 11 extra defenses

TH9 getting Freeze Spell Level 1

Now the more interesting thing for me is that TH9 now get a Freeze Spell – but only Level 1. The Freeze Spell is making the difference in many attacks, and a TH9 player will be able to really get at TH10 bases with Inferno Towers now they can use Freeze Spells.
Freeze Spell in Clash of Clans radius Perfect freeze spell
I personally think Supercell want to break the privileged status of TH10 bases we have right now – with the Inferno Towers the TH10 bases are almost impossible to be attacked properly by lower Town Hall level. I wouldn’t go that far to say Supercell wants to engage all TH10 player to move on to TH11; I more see their approach from the shield changes thought out to the end: getting the biggest player pool available for raiding.

Eagle Artillery Sneak Peek December Update NEW Defense

It’s here, the final Sneak Peek and it shows us – of course – the new Town Hall 11 exclusive defense, the Eagle Artillery. Yes, we’ve seen it on ClashCon but the animation got improved and also some more details we can have a look at.

Eagle Artillery Defense Details

Like I said at the beginning of the post it’s Town Hall 11 exclusive, and you’ll be able to upgrade it to Level 2. It covers your whole base, but similar to the Mortar it has a dead spot next to it. First of all, let’s have a look how it got graphically improved. Here’s the footage we’ve seen on ClashCon (also possible that this is Level 1):eagle defense in TH11 ClasCon TH11 eagle defense
and here’s how it will look on Thursday when we get the update at Level 2:Eagle Artillery Level 2 eagle artillery gameplay
Looking insane, right? Also while the shots that the Eagle Artillery shots look a little simple at ClashCon:NEw TH11 Defense dealing splash damage Eagle Defense TH11 dealing damage
It’s now a rain of burning meteorseagle artillery gameplay eagle artillery shootingeagle artillery shooting on dragons at th11 sneak peek eagle artillery impact new animation
In my opinion way better than the yellow death ray :) simple smile
The Eagle Artillery works quite simple:
  • gets activated after a certain amount of troops got deployed (housing space, not the number of troops)
  • locks into a target and shoots the projectile(s)
  • the lock follows the troop until the projectile is in the air
  • deals massive area splash damage (Hello Grand Warden ability)

Other Changes

Donating Spells to Clan Castles, larger village space, and lot of other smaller additions:

December 2015 Update – Village Space, Attack Time and War Prep Time Reduced

Today we’re back on track with a real Sneak Peek for the upcoming December 2015 Update. We all know that we will get TH11, which will very likely give us additional buildings. If you’re a TH10 player you know how stuffed your village space is right now and fitting additional buildings in it can become a real problem. That’s why the village area will get larger with the December 2015 Update to 44×44 tiles in total, that’s 2 more tiles on every side. That’s about 20% more space in your base :) simple smile
If you have a nice ring of obstacles, trees or maybe also seasonal items build up in the last 2 years, don’t be afraid. Those will stay on the outside and the expanded space will be inserted.
Clash-of-Clans-outer-ring Clash of Clans outer ring
Also very interesting, when you look at the picture, is that the outside ring where only spawning obstacles are able to appear seems to grow to 3 tiles wide:
sneak peek village space outside ring outside ring village area

Longer Attacking Time with December Update

More buildings, more space – that can give us serious time problems. When I rewind lots of my recent attacks I find some of them being close on time. Luckily Supercell also rewards us with not 3 minutes and 30 seconds of total attacking time, that’s half a minute more.
Clan War running out of time Clash of Clans make attacker run out of time e1409667632997
Running out of time on Clan War attack
Not that good news for those of you who have a lower Town Hall War Base and rely on cornered buildings to make attackers run out of time.

December 2015 Update – Spell Donations

Great news today regarding the upcoming December 2015 Update! We will finally get the possibility to donate Spells to our clanmates, Clan Castles, just like we donate troops. Every Clasher with a Clan Castle Level 4 or higher will have 1 Spell Housing Space slot in the Clan Castle.
You remember when the Dark Spell Factory was introduced and spells received housing space as well? 1 housing space means that we can only donate and receive Dark Elixir Spells, no regular Spells. A donated Spell rewards with 5 XP but doesn’t count to the normal donation count (depending on your Clan Level).
army overview of donated spell army overview spell donation sneak peek
Of course, the new Spell is shown next to your regular Spells in the army tab while attacking. Otherwise, it would be completely useless when it automatically gets deployed together with the troops in the Clan Castle :) simple smile

New Donation Overview

Along with the new spell donation feature the donation screen will also get changed:
donation screen inside clan castle
Now you can see what’s already in a Clan Castle before you donate – this should help prevent errors of donation. I really would have liked to see the feature that I can lock in certain troops when I make a donation request and then ONLY those troops can get donated. Also, still missing the feature to see who donated a certain troop. Especially in bigger clans with a couple of people joining and leaving each week it can get really annoying to find out what joker put some Goblins in my Clan Castle.


New Achievements Sneak Peek and Healer Changes for December Update

Another day, another Sneak Peek with more minor announcements. We have some new Achievements, more details on Goblins versus Town Hall, changes to the Healers, and also the name of the new TH11 exclusive Defense (shown later, it’s not E.A.G.L.E).

New Achievements

Two more achievements will be added and they are related to new things being introduced:
new achievements and name of eagle defense new achievements e1449234835405The first one is about donating Spells, which will be possible after the December Update:
and the other one is about destroying the new Defense, nobody knows a name of already:

New Eagle Defense Called Eagle Artillery

Wait, oh yes! The new Defense will be called Eagle Artillery. I think showing us this was a mistake, because most Youtubers had that hidden in their videos. Sorry that this slipped out, Supercell :) simple smile I like calling things by name and now we only miss the corresponding Sneak Peek for it!

Storage Capacity & The End Game Revival Of Goblins

We discussed the new feature that the Town Hall will hold a relevant part of your resources. In today’s Sneak Peek, some details got revealed about how this will work together with other loot related elements in the game.
TH11 Town Hall 11 stats town hall 11 stats e1449235320811The Town Hall and the Clan Castle will now be targeted as resource buildings by Goblins. You remember those green like ones you did not use any more after passing TH8? Well, the thing is, they are really fast and also deal double damage to the Town Hall and the Clan Castle with the December 2015 Update.
clan castle spell donation clan castle spell donation e1449235358170This makes them very nice cleaning troops when your kill squad was Golems or maybe Hog Riders raided and left lots of unprotected buildings.

Spells versus Clan Castle and Town Hall

I’ve been asked that question in some previous comments. The Town Hall and the Clan Castle can take damage by Spells! But the loot inside will only be released when the building gets destroyed completely! The days of DE-zapping will not return that fast

Healer Changes in the December Update

You maybe know the great strategy of Superqueen or Queenwalk where the Archer Queen will walk protected by a lot of Healers through a base? Very efficient to use, but not anymore after the December Update.
The stacking effect of the Healer will get reduced when 6 or more Healers are targeting the same troop. How this will affect those strategies is almost impossible to tell without having played it myself.

Hog Rider Level 6 incoming?

When having a closer look at the attacking bar in the video material you can see the Hog Rider level 5 (currently the max level) not having the flames on the number.
Hog Rider Level 6 image
These flames show when a troop is upgraded to max level – so it looks like there will also be Hog Rider level 6 coming in the next update. Thanks Falco for the quick eye and giving me a short mail :) simple smile
UPDATE: Lot of comments on this so let me get it straight. You can see the flames even after the troop got deployed. Look at the Earthquake Spell, the icon is dark, but there are still the flames on it.

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