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Grand Warden - New Wizard Hero – in December 2015 Update - CheatCOCC

Grand Warden - New Wizard Hero – in December 2015 Update - CheatCOCC

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Today’s Sneak Peek finally revealed something big – we already knew that there will be a new Hero in the December 2015 Update after the announcement on ClashCon end of October, but nobody knew something else than that. That’s all we knew so far:

The Grand Warden is the new Hero

Finally, we know how he will look like and also lots of other details. Today’s Sneak Peek only showed details on the attacking side of the new Hero and I assume we will see the defensive part tomorrow. Let’s start with the info we got today.

Grand Warden Details

The new Hero is, like previously already said, only available after you upgraded your Town Hall to Level 11 and you only need regular Elixir to buy and upgrade him – otherwise we would have had a big problem because the Dark Elixir is already short on your other 2 Heroes.
The max level he can reach for now is Level 20 and you can toggle between air and ground mode. More on that later, but important thing first: you can use him either as a ground or as air troop.
In air mode you can also see him fly, of course then he will behave like an air troop and also fly over Walls like any other air troop and only get attacked by Air Defenses but not from Cannons.

Grand Warden stats

Have a look a the stats we will see on a fully maxed Grand Warden Level 20:

You can see that the hit points are very low compared to other troops and the other Heroes, but the real power is the Grand Wardens’ abilities – yes, you read it right, he has 2 abilities:
  1. Life Aura as a passive ability
  2. Eternal Tome as an active ability
Ok. Lots of new facts, but have a look at both of the abilities.

Grand Warden Life Aura

The Life Aura is passive and active as long the Grand Warden is on the battlefield. You can see it in an orange circle around him:
The Life Aura will give all troops inside the circle will get extra health. This health is a percentage extra for the troop and makes it survive longer on the battlefield – if the troops moved out of the area where the Life Aura is active or the Grand Warden dies, the buff is removed.

Grand Warden ability – Eternal Tome

The active ability, the counterpart of the Archer Queens Royal Cloak or the Barbarian Kings iron Fist is called the Grand Warden Eternal Tome. You can activate it like the other abilities and it will make all troops within a certain range invincible for all damage or debuffing effects (Inferno Tower removed healing effects)
This will give us lots of new possibilities to use – just to name one – Hog Riders against higher bases with multi-target Inferno Towers.
The troops can be healed and the invincible effect is also affecting himself – the only thing your troops have to be afraid of are Spring Traps.

Grand Warden AI

Hero AI is something we can sing a sad song about. The Grand Warden will have 2 different aspects you have to know to properly use him:
  1. Tries to follow the troops with the largest amount of hitpoints (great, no extra confused Hero we have to take care about with funneling)
  2. Can be switched between ground and air mode and behaves like a ground and air troop. This has to be done BEFORE the attack on his altar

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