Monday, October 19, 2015

Town Hall 11 in October 2015 rumors

Here we go again, with the Town Hall 11 rumoring that was pretty loud in the beginning of 2015 and then calmed down a little bit to now reach a new height. I dedicated a post back in January 2015 to why I don’t see Town Hall 11 being around the corder – that was 9 month ago and it seems that the breeze has gotten stronger. While I had mainly own opinions being the base of the post back in January, I now draw together more serious information.

Town Hall 11 announced on ClashCon on October 24th?

Well, it’s pretty official that Supercell will announce a very big new thing for Clash of Clans (their words) on the first dedicated Clash of Clans Convention, called ClashCon, at the end of October (24th of October, to be more precise). This also fits into the know release plan, because end of October is always the time we see the Halloween Update with a Halloween Event and also new content features for the game (e.g. last year they introduced the Skeleton Traps).
This will be the “next big thing” after Clan War in April 2014, obviously something a lot fo Clasher demand. I myself being a TH10 for more than 1.5 years now also need something big new coming.

How TH11 will probably look like?

Now it gets serious – in a Sneak Peek presentation material that Supercell hands out to their featured YouTubers there was something very interesting. At the top there was a Town Hall that looked quite different from what I know:

 Ok, I admit there are TONS of fan art (or fake) Town Hall 11 pictures out there. But all of them rely more or less on the fact, that there have been those simply mis-fitting c themed Walls:

 Let’s get back to the above picture that was inside the Sneak Peek material of the September Update – this was released 2 days before the Update was released and the new looking Level 11 Walls haven’t been out there – now the TH10 wheel starts spinning again. When we take a closer look (thanks @ Big Will for pointing it out a me on Twitter!)

 We can clearly see that the base of the new Town Hall is not fitting in properly. The grass that fills out the 4×4 space is missing and also it looks pretty pasted in and all additional elements are from some other buildings in the game (the Skull at the entrance is from the Dark Spell Factory).

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