Monday, June 29, 2015

Donation Using Neteller Added ! NEW

Hello Member CheatCOCC,

With so many requests from members for donations using Neteller Account, we have added a donation using Neteller.

Hopefully, with the addition of Neteller payment method can make it easier for you to become a member CheatCOCC.

We give discounts for the month of June and July donation using Neteller only $ 20. For the next month donation becomes $ 25.

How To Donation Using Neteller :

Donation using Neteller

Transfer Money Online

With our online payment account we offer an international money transfer service, so you can securely make payments online to anyone in the world, in four simple steps

   1. Sign up for an online account
   2. Securely transfer money into your NETELLER Account
   3. Enter the recipient’s email address : , amount : $ 20 and currency USD
   4. Hit send. You and the receiver will get email confirmations



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