Wednesday, May 13, 2015

ClashBot 6.2.5 VIP Premium Full Feature [ Barracks Error Fix ]

ClashBot 6.2.5 VIP Premium Full Feature

Hello Member,

New Update Today is ClashBot 6.2.5 VIP Premium Full Feature Support Update COC 6.75

Premium Features (VIP Only):*All other features are available for free
  • Wall upgrading
  • Buildings upgrading
  • King auto activating ability
  • Queen auto activating ability
  • Change deploy speeds of the troops
  • Change wave speeds of the troops
  • TownHall sniping
  • Smart lighting spell for dark storage
  • Set cast lighting spell for dark storage
  • Attack near red lines
  • Pushbullet system with all its features!
Release 6.2.5 Contains:
  • Fixed Barracks Cannot Be Found Error
  • GUI Fixes
Release 6.2.4 Contains:

No new features, this release is more geared towards improving stability and fixing issues that were present in the last version.
  • Bot security patch
  • Fixed Return Home
  • Fixed Attacking when in Donating Mode
  • Fixed infinite loop error after battle finishes
  • Fixed incorrect troops being donated
  • Fixed Archer donating fix
  • Fixed Inferno tower re-arm
  • Fixed Donating GUI
  • Fixed up GUI
  • Updated GUI Text
  • Enabled "Attaack Now" Checkbox
  • Tidied up code
  • Updated reliance on pixelsearch rather than imagesearch (quicker/more reliable)

  • Remember to delete the Config.ini file
  • Your LOGS and SCREENSHOTS are now inside of Profile folder!
  • Trophy range means: If trophies are above y then drop to x

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Password : Available at

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