Friday, April 24, 2015

ClashBot AutoIt 6.2 VIP Premium For Member

Free Download ClashBot AutoIt 6.2 VIP Premium For Member

Hello Member,

New Update Today is ClashBot AutoIt 6.2 VIP Premium, What Is ClashBot Here Is The VIP Feature :

Premium Features:
  • Wall upgrading
  • Buildings upgrading
  • King auto activating ability
  • Queen auto activating ability
  • Change deploy speeds of the troops
  • Change wave speeds of the troops
  • TownHall sniping
  • Boosting barracks / spell factory / king / queen / dark barracks
  • Smart lighting spell for dark storage
  • Set cast lighting spell for dark storage
  • Attack near red lines
  • Pushbullet system with all its features!

Release 6.2 Contains:
  • (VIP) Added King automatic ability activation!
  • (VIP) Added Queen automatic ability activation!
  • (VIP) Added new functions to PushBullets!
  • (VIP) Added option to not collect resources.
  • Added ability to set default configuration
  • Added automatic heroes activation after 90 seconds!
  • Added blacklist system for donation!
  • Added ScreenCapture folder
  • Added Stats "Resource Gained per hour" & "Out of Sync"
  • Added smart donation mode.
  • Added keep messages system
  • Added option to set waiting time beween each base when searching
  • (VIP) Improved push bullets
  • (VIP) Improved building upgrade, it is now checking min gold and min elxir before proceed upgrade
  • Improved search speed.
  • Improved checking townhall level.
  • Improved the way our program is organized.
  • Improved getting resources.
  • Improved donation.
  • Improved custom training.
  • Improved army camp checking.
  • Improved return home delay, it is now checking dark exlir change too
  • Improved raid capacity, able to set from 10% to 100%. Great news for those who looking for TH snipe only.
  • (VIP) Fixed All Barrack(max level) boosting
  • (VIP) Fixed red line deployement.
  • Fixed characters "C", "G", "L" when donating.
  • Fixed Dark Troops training.
  • Fixed issues with "Out Of Sync" error!
  • Fixed bug "Can't detect TH4-6"
  • Fixed missing wizard depoloyments.
  • Fixed missing banner when minimizing.
  • Fixed last raid loot & total raid loot not show when Take Last Raid Loot Snapshot uncheck
  • Fixed return home bug
  • Fixed Minion attack
  • 19 Internal Bugs Fixed
  • 3 Internal Crash Issues Fixed
  • 4 Improvements for low-end PC's

Price :

 But if u are Member CheatCOCC u will Get it FREE : Ready for be a Member CheatCOCC Click Here

 How To Use :

Video :

 Screen Shot :

First Activated Your License :

Use Username : CheatCOCC  and Password : 1234 and choose Theme as : Default

And Step Using this Bot Just Follow ScreenShot Step by Step:

Click Start BOT

For Setting Townhall Barrack Etc, Like our Super BoT

 Download Link :

Free Member CheatCOCC Download Click Here

VIP Member CheatCOCC Download  :

Password : Availabe at CheatCOCC Panel

Still confuse you can contact us For Help. ( Only For VIP Member CheatCOCC )



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