Saturday, February 28, 2015

How To Get Free Member VIP CheatCOCC : Part 1

Hello Member,

Today we will give u offer to be a VIP Member COCC, That' totally free just follow the steps.

1. You must regsiter Whaff Rewards Under our Invite Pin : BV12795 , If u dont know what the Whaff Rewards Click Here

2. You must register with 2 account whaff and use our Invite Pin, Take ScreenShot and send picture to our support mail : we will check history earnings, dont send fake screenshot or we will banned your IP and u will never become a member Cheat COCC

 3. Share our 2 links at Forum, Website or Blog here is the link u must share :
Send your shared link to our mail :

4. Like Our Facebook Fan Page at : and take screenshot and send to our mail

5. After send your whaff invite picture,  shared links and likes Fan Page to our mail wait 24 hours and we will accept your member registration and send u Token VIP Cheat COCC for accses our Premium TOOL.

Just Follow 5 Steps to become a VIP Free Member Cheat COCC. You are welcome.

Easy Way to Download

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